ASMR for Sleep: The Most Emerging Trend of 2020

ASMR is one of the most trending topics on the internet. Youtube has over 50 million videos on ASMR. But what is ASMR? In this post, we are going to do an in-depth analysis of ASMR and how ASMR for Sleep is helping many. We will also see ASMR Videos available and What is ASMR Triggers?

YouTube has over 50+ million ASMR Videos


Have you ever had Goosebumps? It is where the body hair on your hand bumps up or gets straighten. It happens when you are tickled, cold, or experiencing strong emotions. This is basically a type of ASMR. But ASMR takes place in your head, instead of your hand.

But why is it a trending topic on the Internet? So, in this post, we are going to make an in-depth analysis and explain everything about ASMR. At first, you will come to know the real meaning of ASMR, how it feels, and its triggers.

Then, we will see trends of ASMR, Uses of ASMR in Everyday Life, and its health benefits. Further, we see in details how ASMR for Sleep is beneficial. Furthermore, we list the best ASMR videos on YouTube. Finally, we will how ASMR can be used in the future and our final verdict.

What is ASMR?

Basically, ASMR is a term to describe some people’s experiences in response to a stimulus or stimuli . Basically, it is a feeling or goosebumps.

Particularly, this feeling usually starts on the top of our head (scalp) and spreads down the neck. It can also travel to other parts of your body.

Generally, audio and visual stimuli trigger ASMR. ASMR is amazing because it usually brings a warm relaxing feeling and well-being. And that too without any physical contact made. It is like guided meditation but in ASMR your body is fully absorbed.

What ASMR Stands for?

The full form of ASMR is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

A – Autonomous

S- Sensory

M – Meridian

R- Response

Autonomous means something that happens to yourself. It happens automatically.

Sensory means the experience is purely sensory. It involves your sense organs. So, it is essentially a sensory experience where you don’t do anything to make it happen

Meridian is the energy flow in the human body. In ASMR the term meridian refers to the energy flow from our head to neck and different parts of the body. In Chinese, it is usually known as Qi (chee)

Response refers to an experience triggered by internal or external factors.

There are over 10K ASMR Youtube creators. In fact, there are currently over 50 million ASMR videos on YouTube. The interest is coming from all corners of the globe (see chart below). Especially, YouTube searches for ASMR grew over 3000%. To point out, top ASMR video creators have over 64 million views for a single video.

asmr trends interest over time
asmr trends interest by region

How does ASMR feel like?

ASMR experience or sensations can be physical or psychological. Physical sensation is what you fell. On the other hand, psychological sensations are how you feel. Sensations are information taken by our brain through our five sense organs.

ASMR Physical Sensations

When you experience ASMR, sensations are felt in your body physically. It may feel like a light and pleasurable tingles in your head (scalp). You may also feel fuzziness or waves of relaxation in the head.

These physical sensations may move downward, following the line of your spine. You may also fell this to travel in your neck and even your shoulder. Further, you also feel the sensation throughout your body.

ASMR Psychological Sensations

Psychological Sensations is the condition of how we feel when you experience ASMR. These sensations is the result of physical sensation as described above. It is basically a deep and soothing feeling of relaxation throughout your body.

In addition to the above feeling, you may feel calm and comforting. Further, it may lead to peacefulness and restfulness. It also may lead to a state of trance and even sleepiness.

The following video is an example of ASMR .

Do Everyone Experience ASMR?

No, every person doesn’t experience ASMR. ASMR takes place during personal positive attention along with a gentle voice, touch, or movements. The personal attention is the context and the thing that make it happens is the triggers of ASMR.

ASMR triggers are idiosyncratic which means it is unique to each person. But there are a few universal triggers that every person can experience ASMR.

The one universal trigger of ASMR is whispering. You will find most the AMSR Videos on YouTube contains people whispering. Most people tend to think of ASMR as whispering. Similarly, any stimulus that makes you feel warm and comforted is ASMR.

What is ASMR Triggers?

ASMR Triggers are the factors that lead to ASMR Experience in a person. The most important and common trigger for ASMR is whispering. In particular, ASMR videos all over the internet have people whispering in it.

Types of ASMR Triggers

  • Tactile or Touch – touching hair, arm back, etc.
  • Auditory or Hearing – Whispering, low volume sounds, tapping, scratching, brushing.
  • Visual or Seeing – Slime Video, Eating Video, Picture Drawing, and many more.

Examples ASMR Triggers

To list, some common ASMR Triggers are

  • Listening to Whispering Voice or Softly Spoken
  • Listening Crips Sound from wrappers and other materials
  • Watching Slow Movements
  • Receiving Personal Attention in Video
  • Listening to 3D Music
  • Watching People Eating or Chewing Sounds
  • Listening to tapping, scratching on some surface
  • Listening to blowing sounds, raining sounds, etc

There are many examples of ASMR Triggers that will let yoy exprience ASMR. But it depends from person to person and type of triggers.

History of ASMR

asmr history

Jennifer Allen coined the term ASMR in 2010. She created a Facebook group to find more about it. In this group, many peoples posted ASMR experiences felt by them particularly.

ASMR came to the digital world from a website Steady Health in 2007. It is basically a discussion forum. A 21-year-old with username “okaywhatever” posted the felling of ASMR. She described the feeling of a special sensation since her childhood.

Further, significant numbers of other users of Steady Health replied to her post. They also experienced the same. In meantime, ASMR experience spread to other forums like Reddit. Thereupon, YouTube happened and ASMR spread like wildfire. It has now over 50 million videos on ASMR.

Why is ASMR Popular?

ASMR is a universal sensation. It has always been around for centuries and experienced by many people. But people find it weird to express it because it’s a very weird sensation. This felling a very difficult thing to describe to another person.

The growing popularity is mainly based on the following two factors.

Lonely and Chaotic World (1st reason of popularity of ASMR)

Generally, people are mostly stressed and depressed in this chaotic world. Also, most people suffer from insomnia and concentration problems. We have had already some way to clear off this problem. For example, white noise, relaxing music, mediation, head massage. But all seems to be somewhat ineffective.

ASMR has been lately suggested because it can improve your sleep, mood, and even pain. Especially, research data obtained shows improvement of depression and chronic pain in those who engaged in ASMR. ASMR is used as therapy, relaxation, sleep nowadays.

Boom of Technology (2nd reason of popularity of ASMR)

Modern technology and the rise of online video platforms allowed an easy way to experience ASMR. Accordingly, YouTube has played a great role in its popularity. It has made ASMR easily accessible at first, 24X7 availability, and expertly performed. Furthermore, a wide variety of contents are available.

Trending ASMR Genre or Categories

  • Highest searched ASMR Food and ASMR Eating. This category is also known as Mukbang ASMR. To point out, Zach Choi ASMR’s single video of Eating ASMR has over 62 million views.
  • Evergreen Popular ASMR Sounds and ASMR Voice.
  • Slime ASMR
  • Over 6K google search in a month is ASMR Massage
  • Most Popular form of ASMR is ASMR Whisper
  • ASMR Haircut and Makeup
  • Trending ASMR Roleplay where ASMR artists pretend to play someone’s role. Some famous are Visit to Dentist, Movie Character, Surgery Roleplay, Flight Attendant, etc.

ASMR in Everyday Life?

Undoubtedly, ASMR’s popularity is growing day by day as you have seen in ASMR Trends above. Because it is helpful in reducing stress and falling asleep. Therefore, it is very popular among celebrities.

The most common way of experiencing ASMR is to watch ASMR videos on YouTube and Twitch. In addition, you can listen to ASMR podcasts on Apple Music and Spotify. Furthermore, HeadSpace has exclusive AMSR sound for sleep.

The recording and videos of ASMR are two types.

  • Direct Recording of real-life scenarios.
  • Indirect Triggered recording. For example Simulations of Voice, sounds, human behaviors, and moments in real life that triggers ASMR.

While researching to write this post I came across many ASMR inspired content in the internet. I am listing some interesting ones for you.

Real Life ASMR Experience


There is a real-life ASMR Spa in the United States called Whisperlodge. Basically, it is more like a spa-themed art project. They have done performance in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles shortly. Especially, Wishperlodge provides individual and group ASMR Experience. It relaxes your body and mind equally.


Teamtactis is a company that provides team-building solutions and corporate hospitality in London. They are working successfully with Adidas, Google, and Waitrose. Generally, Teamtactis provides ASMR Team building services to their clients.

ASMR In Movies, TV and OTT Platforms .

There are a few movies completely inspired by ASMR. To list, some of them are.

You might have or surely came across ASMR scenes in Movies and TV shows. But, you might failed to notice them. A very few are listed below

  • Toy Story 2 (1999) – Fixing Woody
  • Edward Scissorhands – the makeup scene of Edward Scissorhands
  • Phantom Thread – Sound of Fabric (rustling, stitching, and draping)
  • A Quiet Place – The sound of Silence
  • Battle of Sexes –The Salon Scene
  • The Matrix
  • Amelie
  • Spirited Away – Food Scenes
  • American Psycho
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Hearts – the Diary Scene.

ASMR In Advertising

Similarly, ASMR is used in ads to gain people’s attention. To list, some of them are.

ASMR Creators

Particularly, the individuals who want to stimulate ASMR in another person intentionally are ASMR Creators. To list, ASMR Creators maybe

  • ASMR Video Artist
  •  Podcaster of ASMR
  • ASMR Practitioners
  • Composer, Poets, Dancers and More.

Top ASMR Content Creators in YouTube

ASMR ArtistASMR GenreSubscribersVideosViews SinceCountryDetails
Zach Choi ASMRASMR Food, ASMR Eating9.35M5691.52B2014USClick Here
SAS-ASMRMukbang ASMR, ASMR Food8.78M10682.15B2016CanadaClick Here
Jane ASMRMukbang ASMR8.85M8082.56B2012South KoreaClick Here
Gibi ASMRASMR Sleep, ASMR Relaxation2.68M619906M2016USClick Here
ASMR DarlingASMR Sleep, ASMR Relaxation2.49M208535M2014USClick Here
SuellASMRASMR Food, ASMR Eating2.07M387549M2017USClick Here
ASMR PPOMOASMR Sleep, ASMR Relaxation2.25M411554M2013South KoreaClick Here
Gentle Whispering ASMRASMR Whisper, ASMR Roleplay1.91M498780M2011USClick Here
ASMR GlowASMR Message1.25M351300M2016USClick Here
Tingting ASMRPersonal Attention ASMR1.44M523304M2017USClick Here
ASMR ZeitgeistPersonal Attention ASMR1.66M148291M2015GermanyClick Here

Equipment for creating ASMR Contents.

Basically, for creating ASMR content, you have to spend a fortune. Most of the equipment are extraordinary and expensive also. For example, you need a binaural microphone, which creates a 3D effect of sound.

You need basically a good camera, a binaural microphone and a good recorder. Basically, we will be providing a list of equipment that is commonly used by ASMR artists. Details and reviews of each equipment will be posted in our future post separately.

ASMR Microphone (Binaural Microphone)

ASMR Microphone
  • 3Dio FS Pro II
  • Audio-Technica AT4053B
  • Audio-Technica AT803
  • BluShure SE215-K-UNI Sound Isolating Earphones with Inline Remote
  • Rode NT1 2x Kit
  • Blue Spark SL
  • Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen
  • DuoPOP 2 Microhone
  • Rode NTS
  • Rode VideoMic Pro Plus On-Camera Shotgun Microphone
  • Pixel MC-50
  • SR3D Binaural Pro Series – XLR

ASMR Recorder

  • Zoom H6
  • Tascam DR-40 Recorder
  • Zoom H4n

ASMR Cameras

  • Canon Cameras – G7 Mark II, 80D, G7X
  • Sony RX100 IV and DSC HX90V

ASMR Headphones

  • Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth
  • Tivoli Headphone
  • SleepPhones
  • BedPhones

Health Benefits of ASMR

Specifically, there are many articles, research, and even real-life testimonial where ASMR has many health benefits. Some of them are explained below.

ASMR for Relaxation

 This is the most important and common health benefit of ASMR. Basically, ASMR involuntarily draws a tingly, relaxing, and pleasant feeling in response to certain triggers. To list, some triggers are

  • Whispering and soft speaking,
  • Tapping hard surface,
  • Scratching,
  • Crinkling,
  • Slow deliberate hand movements,
  • Watching repetitive tasks being completed and
  • Close personal attention.

In a research study, it was found ASMR videos increase calmness. It helped them to feel more relaxed too. Surprisingly, Around 90% of participants felt relaxed after watching ASMR videos.

You can even listen to AMSR Music in Apple Music and Spotify. They mostly provide ASMR for Sleep content.

ASMR for Stress and Anxiety

This is the most common use of AMSR nowadays. You can find many apps that provide music for sleep. Patients diagnosed with insomnia were cured by ASMR videos and sounds.

ASMR videos reduce anxiety and decrease stress. These videos are mostly ASMR for Sleep content. Research study shows that 82% of participants watch ASMR videos to help them sleep.

Positive Biological Change in Body

Specific brain regions are activated by ASMR experience. It is seen the same brain regions are activated during bonding experience especially. Overall, AMSR videos generate tingling and relaxing sensations by activation of brain regions.

Specifically, ASMR videos decrease heart rate and increase skin conductance. Thousands of people who watched ASMR videos found it helpful. Especially, these videos helped them to sleep, relax, and combat stress and anxiety. They also had a reduction in heart rate and feeling positive.

Reduction in Sadness and Depression

The ASMR videos also have decrease sadness in overall. It also cured person’s depression. Studies has reviled that 80% of people have a positive effect on their mood. Those with high depression have reported that ASMR has significantly improved their mood.

In writing this post, I have come across many articles and posts, claiming ASMR to have a positive effect. To list, some of the links are given below.

ASMR for Reading – Focusing, Studying, Learning and Working

ASMR Reading videos and other related videos have a significant effect on focus and productivity. Especially, Many students have reported that ASMR videos have helped them to concentrate on their studies.

In a post I have come across, the author has reported that her productivity was increased. She listens to at least 4 hours of ASMR videos daily. She noticed many changes in her at once. Her efficiency and productivity levels improved significantly. Her least unproductive hours of the day (afternoon) was now spent to do more things.

Other benefits and improved conditions.

Specifically, ASMR has positive effects on Chronic Pain and other prolonged diseases. Similarly, ASMR has helped in Alcohol Addiction Recovery and Autism Spectrum Disorder. It also helped people with misophonia and many illnesses.

ASMR not only improved the condition of many diseases but have other physical benefits. There are videos that can help you to relax after doing a workout form Fitness Apps.

I have come across many posts and videos that ASMR have helped many during this pandemic. To list some are.

ASMR for Sleep

Generally, ASMR is stimulated during moments of personal positive attention along with gentle voice, touch, or movements. Personal attention is the context and the other part is the triggers of ASMR.

Basically, Context sets the path to experience ASMR. On the other hand, Triggers sets the ASMR experience. When these two things are in perfect harmony, you feel relaxed. And this is how you can use ASMR for Sleep.

Research Study on ASMR for Sleep.

Presently, there are around 1K research studies completed or going on. Out of these studies, most of them are related to relaxation and ASMR sleep. We will list particular research done by Dr. Giulia Poerio of the University of Sheffield Department of Psychology.

Basically, this research was done in two ways- the online survey and clinical trial. 1012 participants took and 6 months were used to conduct the study.

Online Survey

In an online survey, people were asked to watch videos. Particularly, the video was ASMR Video and non-ASMR videos. Accordingly, a form was filled up after seeing the videos by the participants.

From the online survey, a great discovery was made among the participants. Those who experienced ASMR had a greater feeling of relaxation and calmness.

Clinical Trial

In clinical trial, the physiological basis of the ASMR response was studied in 112 participants. They were hooked to some physiological equipment and made to watch ASMR videos and non-ASMR videos.

In clinical trial, a unique discovery was found out. It was found that those who experience ASMR show significant reductions in their heart rate particularly. In contrast, those who don’t experience ASMR, doesn’t show the same reduction in heartbeat.

Is asmr good for sleep?

According to, ASMR can trigger a feeling of relaxation before bedtime. It can help you to overcome insomnia (not able to sleep at night). Generally, ASMR for Sleep contents is long- in fact, some last up to 3 hours. These lengthy videos cause you to drift off while you are watching or hearing.

Not only, sleeping improves your daily function but also increases happiness. On the other hand, not getting enough sleep is very harmful. It may lead to many diseases and eventually heart attacks.

ASMR sleep triggers

Surprisingly, there are ton of ASMR for sleep triggers. To list, some famous one are.


People think Wishpering is the synonym of ASMR, that’s not true. A recent study claims whispering ASMR can result in calmness and relaxation also.

Whispering in microphone with simple sound or comforting words can help with your sleep.

Personal Attention

This is one of the famous ASMR for Sleep Trigger. In this trigger, direct eye contact is made with the camera particularly. Further, it may include placing a hands-on camera to make the felling similar to physical touching.

Personal Attention relives stress and make you relax. It also ensure you a good night quality sleep.

Personal Attention, Getting you to Sleep – by SophieMichelle ASMR


It is similar to whispering. Blowing resembles a gentle blow of wind that brings calmness and relaxation. It will surely put you to sleep.

See the blowing ASMR by ASMR PPOMPO, this might put you to sleep. But you have to listen with good headphones.


Tapping involves sound on fingers or nails tapping on various hard surfaces. It is the same as the above triggers that beings relaxation and put you to sleep.

You can listen to the 1 hr ASRM for Sleep (no talking) video of ASMR Bakery. It includes tapping on the various surfaces that will relax you.

Writing and Typing

ASMR writing uses hand movements, tapping, and typing sound with various notebooks and pens. It helps you for studying and sleeping.

Writing and Typing creates a strong tingling sensation in some person. It can either send you to sleep or help with your concentration.

Hear ASMR Writing on You & Chubby Hand Movements from ASMR PPOMO

Water Drops

Water creates water drops trigger basically. It may be simple droplet noise, raining noise, sea waves or natural sound of water. It is the oldest mode of relaxation and sleep.

You can hear relaxing water drop triggers in Spotify, Apple music or HeadSpace app. You can even hear ASMR for Sleep water drops video in YouTube. To list, some of them are.

Role Play

Roleplay is the most trending ASMR video recently. Many people use this as ASMR for Sleep. It involves creating a real-life scenario where you are a part of it.

Hair Cutting in a salon, Mock Tatoo parlor, Movie character roleplays are famous one. Some weried roleplays are also trending like going to dentist, surgery and many more.

Rolepaly are essentaily acted to de-stress you that you might get nice sleep. Some famous rolepay videos are

ASMR Sleep Hypnosis

Sleep hypnosis is a technique to make you relax and sleep better. It is especially done in person or through audio and video recording. This is often used to treat a person with insomnia. It is also used generally to get quality or deep sleep.

Recently, ASMR is being used the most for sleep hypnosis- the ASMR Sleep Hypnosis. Some of the best ASMR Sleep Hypnosis videos found on YouTube are.

Trending ASMR for Sleep Contents

Some of the most trending ASMR for Sleep contents are as follows.

  • Most frequently searched – ASMR for Sleep (no talking)
  • Common Sleep content provide in YouTube-ASMR for sleep whispering
  • Famous ASMR for Sleep Artist – ASMR for sleep Gibi
  • Recently Trending ASMR for Sleep Content – ASMR sleep storytelling
  • Medication ASMR for Sleep content –ASMR sleep therapy

ASMR Sleep Headphones


Ther is one brand of headphones call SleepPhones. SleepPhones allow people to hear relaxing ASMR for sleep music. It is basically soft comfortable headphones.

SleepPhones headphones is made of 3 major components.

  1. Headband – flat soft, comfortable fabric headband.
  2. Speakers – ultra-flat speakers fitted inside the headband.
  3. Communication Mechanism- Cord for connecting digital device or Wireless module.

It is the best tool to listen to ASMR for Sleep music in bed. The starting price of the SleepPhones is $39.95.


Bedphones are the world’s smallest on-ear headphones. To fall asleep these headphones is used. Basically, you can listen to ASMR for Sleep sounds, audiobooks, ASMR podcasts, etc. It is extremely thin and adjustable ASMR sleep headphones.

The price of the Bedphones starts from $89.00. It also have a wireless version that starts from $149.00. The money is worth it for ASMR Sleep Headphones.

Best ASMR for Sleep in YouTube

YouTube has over 50 million videos on YouTube. The creators on YouTube release almost 500 new videos every day. You will find all kinds of trending ASMR videos on YouTube.

There are more than 10K ASMR artists and channels on YouTube. But all the channels have created different ASMR contents ranging from food to relaxation. But I am going to list the best ASMR for Sleep channels only.

1. ASMR Darling

Information of ASMR Darling

Total Subscribers: 2.49MTotal Videos: 207
Total Views: 534.24MCountry of Origin: United States
Since: 2014YouTube Link : Click Here

Social Profile of ASMR Darling

Twitter Followers: 62.8KInstagram Follower: 240K
Facebook Fans: 27KSpotify listeners: 72K /month
Apple Music link: ASMR DarlingSoundCloud Followers: No
official account

ASMR Darling is the second most YouTube ASMR for Sleep channel. The main ASMR triggers featured in this channel are ear to ear whisper, tapping, scratching, and personal attention.

In addition, it also has Roleplay video content along with close up videos. For example, Close Up, Face Touching, Camera Touching, Hair Brushing, and many more.

2. Gibi ASMR

Information of Gibi ASMR

Total Subscribers: 2.68MTotal Videos: 618
Total Views: 904.79MCountry of Origin: United States
Since: 2016YouTube Link : Click Here

Social Profile of Gibi ASMR

Twitter Followers: 124KInstagram Follower: 316K
Twitch Followers: 179KSpotify listeners: 97K/month
Apple Music link: GiBi ASMRSoundCloud Followers: 2K

Gibi ASMR is the top-rated ASMR for Sleep Channel and Creator. With 618 videos, it has over 2.68 subscribers. It is the most preferred and provides high-quality ASMR for Sleep content.

Gibi ASMR provides videos like roleplays, makeup, cosplay, etc. It provides all kind of ASMR triggers and sound. Above all, it has a whole playlist dedicated to how to be an ASMR creator.

In addition to the above, it streams live ASMR. It also has a store that sells its merchandise- Gibi ASMR merchandise.


Information of ASMR PPOMO

Total Subscribers: 2.25MTotal Videos: 411
Total Views: 553.09MCountry of Origin: South Korea
Since: 2013YouTube Link : Click Here

Social Profile of ASMR PPOMO

Twitter Followers: 34.5KInstagram Follower: No
official account
Twitch Followers: 116KSpotify listeners: 99K /month
Apple Music link: ASMR PPOMOSoundCloud Followers: No
official account

Particularly, this the first ASMR for Sleep channel outside the United States. It mainly provides content for sleeping and relaxing. ASMR PPOMO provides content in 3 languages – English, Korean, and Japanese. It also provides English subtitles.

This is the first ASMR for Sleep channel to provide live ASMR streaming. You will also stumble upon a new type of ASMR content on this channel. It has a very interesting and satisfying musical ASMR. You can find lullabies, chill beat music, and music made with various ASMR triggers.

4. Gentle Whispering ASMR

Information of Gentle Whispering ASMR

Total Subscribers: 1.91MTotal Videos: 497
Total Views: 778.97MCountry of Origin: United States
Since: 2011YouTube Link : Click Here

Social Profile of Gentle Whispering ASMR

Twitter Followers: 21.9KInstagram Follower: 120K
Facebook Fans :127KSpotify listeners: 29K/month
Apple Music link: GentleWhisperingSoundCloud Followers: 28K

This is one of the most popular channels for ASMR for sleep. This channel is the most researched channel by scientists studying ASMR. You will find this cannel with most creative videos.

This ASMR for Sleep channel provides you relaxing, natural sleep aid, and sound therapy. You will find creative and soothing videos to feel you relaxed and stress-free.

5. ASMR Zeitgeist

Information of ASMR Zeitgesit

Total Subscribers: 1.65MTotal Videos:148
Total Views: 290.42MCountry of Origin: Germany
Since: 2015YouTube Link: Click Here

Social Profile of ASMR Zeitgesit

Twitter Followers: 11.4KInstagram Follower: 120K
Facebook Fans :2KSpotify listeners: 82K/month
Apple Music link: ASMR ZeitgesitSoundCloud Followers: No official

ASMR Zeitgeist is the top male ASMR content creator. This channel provides you with a high-quality relaxing ASMR video content tingle effect. This channel provides popular ASMR Triggers in optimal sound quality to help you sleep and relax.

This is one of the best channel for ASMR for Sleep. It has powerful videos to help you reduce depression, anxiety or insomnia.

 6. ASMR Glow

Information of ASMR Glow

Total Subscribers: 1.25MTotal Videos: 350
Total Views: 299.80MCountry of Origin: United States
Since: 2016YouTube Link : Click Here

Social Profile of ASMR Glow

Twitter Followers: 38.7KInstagram Follower: 166K
Facebook Fans :6.5KSpotify listeners: 84K/month
Apple Music link: ASMR GlowTwitch Followers: 66.1K

ASMR Glow is the most searched ASMR artist in the internet recently.

This is one of the best channels for ASMR for Sleep. It has many videos related to ASMR for Sleep and ASMR Sleep Hypnosis. She also offers ASMR videos in different languages like Russian, German, Korean, Spanish, French, Greek, Portuguese, Arabic, and many more.

ASMR Glow has content on Roleplays, Personal attention, Soft Singing, and Mic Brushing. She has even bedtime stores ASMR which is unique.

ASMR in Other Platforms

E-Commerce Store for AMSR

Tingletastic is the first online store we have come across to help ASMR enthusiasts. They sell at-shirts, hoodie, wall print, and other items

On other hand, you can find most of the Top ASMR artists in Youtube sell their goodies through YouTube Store. ASMR artists like ASMR Gibi, ASMR Glow, ASMR Darling, ASMR Zeitgeist, etc has YouTube Store.


Facebook Group & Community

  1. ASMR Research & Support Community
  2. ASMR Hub (@ASMRHub)

Reddit Community

ASMR Podcast


Future of ASMR

ASMR has a promising future. Many tech giants are investing more in ASMR related experience and content. Since there are huge millions of followers of ASMR, companies are flocking to capitalize it.

ASMR for Sleep is now a trending search on Google. So, many devices, contents, apps are now mushrooming up in less time. To list, some future use of ASMR are

  • Huge use of ASMR in Virtual Reality
  • ASMR can be used in Digital Therapy for Mental Health
  • A full fledged ASMR medical field and professionals.

In due time, we will add more ASMR future list .

Daily WebLife’s take on ASMR           

We at Daily WebLife were amazed to see the growing popularity of ASMR in a short span of 5 to 7 years. We have in detail explained ASMR. You have come to know ASMR meaning, ASMR Triggers, and its trends like ASMR Eating, Slime ASMR. Furthur we have listed best ASMR video creators like Gibi ASMR, ASMR Darling, ASMR Glow. And finally, we have discussed ASMR for Sleep and Health Benefits, and ASMR for Sleep videos.

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