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Where does the name Daily WebLife come from?

Web life is a concept, that considers Word Wide Web (Web) has or could evolve into an entity worthy of consideration as a life form.

The web (common interpretation of the Internet) is now a sociotechnical machine capable of integrating individuals and organizations into a larger coordinated group.

” Web is a Global Brain Now”

The Web or Internet is now a part and parcel of our life for daily use. But complex too with an enormous amount of information.

So, we need to extract this complex information from Web Life and present it in a simplified manner for our daily use. Hence, the name

Daily WebLife

What do we do at Daily WebLife?

We at, Daily WebLife, analyze, decode and present you the simplified version of essential and trending topics on Blogging on the web(internet).

Daily WebLife will be providing detailed analyzed and simplified posts on basic, useful and trending topics on SEO, Digital Marketing, Blogging, etc