Best Online Learning Platforms 2022

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, more than 300 million students have their education disrupted. So, acquiring education and keeping up with the things the students have learned is being difficult. But, thanks to online learning platforms. By these platforms, we are able to continue education without any hamper. In this article, we will focus on Best Online Learning Platforms in 2022. In addition, we will see the advantages of the online learning platform. We will see what courses, features and prices of the courses are provided by these online learning platforms. Finally, we see how we can use these online learning platforms for higher education.

“Online Learning platform is the present and future of learning “

Why we need Online Learning Platform

The cost is high for the initial setup of technology and making course content. The online courses are scalable. By the meaning of scalable, we mean that online courses can be added with more plug-ins, features, new technology etc. It is more manageable and has greater retention properties. For example, online courses can compromise ppts, videos, audios, quizzes, etc.

Since a few years, especially at the beginning of this pandemic there has been an increase in the number of online learning websites. Basically, ranging from MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to university accreditations. There are many online learning websites and the amount of content are amazing. There are thousands of online courses that cater to the interest of learners who want to learn different things whether for a job or as a hobby.

Advantages of online learning platforms

There are many advantages of an online learning platform and some of them are:-

  • In particular, in an online course you don’t have to travel to a school or college or university or any educational institute. So, you can save your time and energy.
  • You can watch the lectures & complete the assignments at any time and anywhere. For most of the learners, it is better to learn during the night time which is not at all possible in an offline course.
  • Pause the video and rewatch it thousands of times to get the best out of it.
  • Enroll in as many courses as you like. But that would be not possible in offline courses.
  • You can manage your courses according to your wish and keep track of the course all by yourself.

Disadvantages of online learning platforms.

However, despite many advantages, there are some disadvantages but the advantage outset the disadvantage of online learning platforms.  

  • There is no pressure and no one is forcing you to learn and study so, a few of the learners withdraw from the course.
  • There are no doubts about resolving.
  • No classroom and classmates so there is little or less learning environment.
  • Computer and Internet connectivity can be a hindrance to some students and geographical locations.
  • Initial Cost of setting up an online learning platform is high.

Choosing The Best Online Learning Platforms in 2022.

With thousands of online learning platforms or websites, it has become tough for learners to choose the best online learning platform. Specifically, there are several doubts among the users about these online learning platforms. Firstly, can these online learning platforms achieve and meet their needs? Secondly, which courses and platforms are best for you?

Especially, with the rise in online education and many courses have been coming out and these courses are similar to one another. So, it is hard to differentiate and pick which courses and platform will cater to our needs.

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Online Learning Platforms Statistics

Courses Offered Vs No of Instructors in an Online Learning Platform.

online courses

Students Enrolled in Vs Course Languages provided in an Online Learning Platform.

online learning platforms

Top 5 Online Learning Platforms in 2022

Boom of smartphones and fast internet speed has given birth to some new terms related to online learning or online education. Specifically, some terms like Digital Learning, E-Learning, MOOC, Online Learning Platform, etc. has emerged. These new technologies have opened up a whole new set of scope and possibilities for online learning. Education, training, examination and enhanced learning experience can be obtained by this method. Anyone with an internet connection and a computer or smartphone can access to different courses online.

Particularly, finding a self-paced online learning platform and that too within my budget, within my timeframe and matching my learning style is a difficult and impossible task. Therefore, we at Daily Weblife have researched, reviewed, analyzed and prepared a list of Top 5 Online Learning Platform for 2020.


udemy online learning platform

Udemy Basic Info

Courses Offered: 130KStudents Enrolled: 30M
No of Instructors: 50,000Course Languages: 60
Facebook Fans: 6.2MTwitter Followers:225.4K
YouTube Subscribers:123K Since: 2010

Udemy is an online learning platform for professionals and students. It has more than 40M students enrolled, 130 K courses taught over 60 languages. And that too from 50 K instructors from over 190 countries.

Undeniably, Udemy is the biggest course hosting platform in the world. Overall, it has courses on almost all the topics in the world. Udemy’s top-rated business and technical courses help organizations, governments and non-profit organizations. Basically, it helps them to develop in-house expertise. So, that they can develop courses form the employee’s development and to be future-ready.

History of Udemy

Udemy was founded by Eren Bali in the year 2007. At first, he built software for virtual classrooms living in Turkey. And then Udemy website was launched in 2010 by Bali, Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyani. Now Udemy have six offices around the world in California, USA, Turkey, Ireland, Brazil, Denver, USA and India.

Courses in Udemy

Udemy organizes courses into Development, Business, Finance & Accounting, It & Software, Office Productivity, Design. And also Marketing, Lifestyle, Photography, Health & Fitness, Music and Teaching & Academics.

As a matter of fact, the courses taken on Udemy are not university credits transferable. Basically, learners enroll in the courses to improve their knowledge related to their profession. There are some courses that may give credits for a technical certificate.

Key Features of Udemy

Udemy’s structure is completely different from other online learning platforms. In contrast, to other online learning platforms 2020 it is rather like a marketplace to buy courses like an e-commerce shopping website. It is also a huge marketplace for anyone who is able to share what they know.

The homepage of the website has a showcase for different courses. The search bar on its landing page has many options to filter down like instructor, duration, ratings, etc of different courses. When you have found the course you like, simply click on the thumbnail and you will end up in the course landing page. Here course details will be available to you like course overview, course trailer, students enrolled for that course, course last updated, the content of the course. Also, you can see the overview of the course instructor or author, ratings, student’s comments, etc.

Udemy Courses Price

The course fees in Udemy start from $5 to $200 but with coupons, you can reduce the course fee. Payment options are standard in Udemy courses with the ability to pay with Visa, Master Card, American Express and PayPal. There is also a refund guarantee within 30 days of course enrollment.

Surprisingly, you can also gift a course from this online learning platform to someone. You can do this by just purchasing it and sending the link by email from the course landing page. After purchasing a course in Udemy, you will get  a lot of features on the course like Question & Answer, Announcements, Videos, Quizzes, Documents, etc


coursera online learning platform for higher education

Udemy Basic Info

Courses Offered: 3600Students Enrolled: 33M
No of Instructors:5221Course Languages: 13
Facebook Fans: 1.4MTwitter Followers: 429.4K
YouTube Subscribers: 157K Since: 2012

Coursera is one the best online learning platform for higher education. It provides online courses partnering with the world’s top universities and organizations. Every course on this online learning platform is taught by top professors and instructors of world-class universities and companies.

Apart from normal courses you can do specialization, earn professional certificates, MaterTrack Certificates and also get an Online Degree. All the courses are 100 % online and a certificate is given.

Courses in Coursera

Coursera provides online bachelor’s and master’s degrees from top universities. For example, Arizona State University, Imperial College London, University of Michigan, University of London, HEC Paris, University of Pennsylvania, University of Illinois and Macquarie University.

If any learners want to master specific career skills, they can enroll in the Specialization course provided by Coursera. Apart from the specialization course you can enroll for a professional certificate course.

Duration of Courses in Coursera ranges from 4-10 weeks. It includes 1-2 hours of video lectures along with quizzes, weekly assignments and also sometimes a final project or exam.

In On-demand courses, the course material is available at once. It is a self-paced course where the learners can take their own time in completing the course. Presently, there are 101 on-demand courses available with Coursera.

Key Features of Coursera

The learners will have to complete a series of rigorous tasks to complete the course. Firstly, they can finish the course at their own pace. Secondly, hands-on-projects based on real business challenges are provided. Lastly, they have to finish the course in 4-6 months time frame. Then only they can earn a specialization certificate.

The learners can build their own schedule over 1-4 years of study and can earn credits as the learners complete their course assignments.

The are many key features in this online learning platform. Firstly, the learner can learn at their own pace. Then, they apply the learned skills to a project that will help to showcase their potential to employers. Secondly, they can get access to career support resources from top universities and companies.

Coursera Courses Price

It provides free courses, on-demand courses and also paid courses. The starting price of paid courses starts from $39. The online degree price starts from $15,000 with an option to pay in installments. The price of the specialization course from $39 a month.


khan academy

Khan Academy Basic Info

Courses Offered: 4347Students Enrolled:90.4M
No of Instructors:8000Course Languages: 43
Facebook Fans: 1.5KTwitter Followers:708.3K
YouTube Subscribers: 5.74M Since: 2005

Khan Academy is a non-profit online education organization. It provides world-class education to anyone and anywhere in the world. Basically, it is based on individual contributions rather than ads or subscriptions.

Basically, the videos lecture of Khan Academy has mostly uploaded on YouTube. The videos display recording of drawing on the digital blackboard just like a teacher giving a lecture on board. Remote villages are provided with offline versions of these videos.

Courses in Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers videos, practice exercises and personalized self-paced learning. In and outside the classroom learning materials are provided in subjects like math, science, computer programming, economics and much more.

Khan Academy’s Math section is one of the best in online learning platforms around the globe. Basically, learners from kindergarten to 8 standards can learn maths using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strength and learning gaps.

The Math Section practice questions are categorized as topic wise as well as grade-wise. You can go and do the sum or look for the related content video. You can get hints to solve a math sum if you are facing a problem in it.

Khan Academy has partnered with NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences and MIT to offer specialized content. It also provides an online course for preparing for tests like  SAT, LSAT, MCAT, IIT JEE, NCLEX-RH and CAHSEE

Key Feature of Khan Academy.

Firstly, the student has a window for personalized learning in this online learning platform. They can learn and practice at their own pace. When they understand the topic clearly, then they can accelerate their learning.

Secondly, the content is well trusted and student tailored. Because it is created by experts and the courses are based on standards-aligned practice.

Finally, there are tools to empower teachers. The teachers in the Khan Academy can identify gaps in their students’ understanding. According to it, they can tailor and modify their instructions to the student. So, it may meet the needs of every student in this online learning platform.

Khan Academy Course Price

The content in this online learning platform is 100 % free. All of Khan Academy’s videos, articles, practice questions, and lessons are completely free for anyone who wants to use them.


Skillshare Basic Info

Courses Offered: 3200Students Enrolled: 16M
No of Instructors:3900Course Languages:10
Facebook Fans: 2.6MTwitter Followers:95K
YouTube Subscribers: 260K Since: 2010

Skillshare is one of the best online learning platforms to learn new skills for anyone. It is an online learning community for learners. It is also a marketplace for new skills with a broad range of different subjects to choose from.

Skillshare offers an online catalog of video-based courses as well as in-person workshops for selected cities. Most of the courses in Skillshare tend towards interaction rather than lecturing. Its primary goal is to learn by completing projects and tasks.

Courses in Skillshare

Generally, courses in Skillshare are non-accredited courses for enhancing one’s skill. Especially, it is for individuals who want to learn something from educational videos. The main course offered by this online learning platform is creative arts, design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, technology and many others.

Skillshare organizes courses into Design, Illustration, Business, technology, Photo & Film, Entrepreneurship and Writing. In 2018, this online learning platform launched Skillshare Originals. It is a collection of courses produced by Skillshare’s in-house team.

Key Features of Skillshare

  • Firstly, Quality Courses taught by highly experienced instructors.
  • Secondly, a personalized recommendations based on user interests are provided.
  • Thirdly, Hands-on, time-bound workshop with the community of the course, projects and timely feedback.
  • Fourthly, you can download classes to your mobile device.
  • Lastly, courses with most positive customer reviews and engagement get the highest exposure and also the videos are add free.

Skillshare Courses Price

In this online learning platform, there are free courses as well as paid courses. You can avail standalone Skillshare courses or by Skillshare membership.

The Courses taught by the top and successful industry leaders are only available with Skillshare membership. The cost of this membership is of $8.73 if billed monthly and $63 if billed annually. With a single subscription, you can access all of its courses.

There are many standalone courses in this online learning platform. It is available without taking any Skillshare membership. Basically, the cost of these courses is around $20 to $30.

5. edX

online learning platform for higher education

edX Basic Info

Courses Offered: 2832Students Enrolled: 20M
No of Instructors: 6325Course Languages: 32
Facebook Fans: 1.5MTwitter Followers: 318.2K
YouTube Subscribers: 258K Since: 2012

edX is the one of the best online learning platform for higher education. edX is a non-profit organization and also one of the top Massive Online Open Online Course (MOOC) sites in the world. It was founded by Harvard University and MIT in the year 2012. It is the best online learning platform for higher education because it provides Bachelors’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Professional certificate and Executive Education.

Courses in edX

edX provides the best courses from the best school all around the world. The best professors of top-class universities teach the courses.

edX offers MicroMaster program and Professional Certificate for the fast-changing world of work. Especially these courses are provided in fields of automation, artificial intelligence, and big data. These online courses are low cost, flexible and the credit earned from it is eligible to enroll for a full master degree program.

edX MicroMaster Program

At present edX provide 56 MicroMasters Program. To point out, courses like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking, Internet of Things(IoT) are provided. Also, courses like Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Business Analytics, etc are also provided.

Professional Certificate Program

In total, 109 Professional Certificate programs is also provided. Some mentionable courses are Data Science, FinTech, Product Design & Health, Blockchain Fundamentals, Deep Learning, Clean Power, Nutrition and Disease etc.

edX Online Master Program

At the present time,12 online Masters Degree courses are provided in edX. Some Online Master’s programs offered by edX are Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, MBA Degree, Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity, Master’s Degree in Accounting, Master’s Degree In Analytics, etc

These courses are provided by some top-class universities like Georgia Institute of Technology, Boston University, Arizona State University, University of Queensland, Indiana University and the University of Texas at Austin.

Key Features of edX

Specifically, the edX courseware is made up of videos, automated feedback and cool interactive features all for self-paced learning. Basically, the interactive is designed to help you explore your understanding of the key concepts learned by the students. A big part of edX is getting instant feedback on your answers in the form of green checkmarks. Another big part of edX is the social community like a discussion board and forums. Here, not only professors can help other students help each other out. Most of the typical courses run for 12 weeks.

The online Master’s Degree is one of the best in online learning platform. Firstly, it is affordable. Secondly, the whole course is online. Lastly, it is offered by top universities. The courses are offered by Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Texas, Indiana University, Purdue University, Boston University, Curtin University, Arizona State University and the University of Queensland.

Open edX

Above all, we will discuss an open platform or software for creating online learning content that is offered by ed. edX’s Open edX platform is an open, robust, scalable and learners centric web-based platform for creating educational content.

Opn edX has many features. Firstly, it can be used in any cloud infrastructure or your own server to support any number of learners you want. Secondly, it is a category-based unified learning platform that can support degree program, online campuses, instructors and self-paced courses. Thirdly, you can create your own highly customized learners’ experiences quickly and cost-effectively on Open edX’s platform. Fourthly, it provides seamless learners experiences on all platforms and extensive and analytics in new and real-time. Lastly, it includes an integrated authoring tool and a studio for content development and a comprehensive ecosystem.

edX Courses Price

Most of the courses in edX are free except for professional education courses. But if you want a verified certificate along with a complete assignment for the course you have enrolled, there is a fee. Generally, the fees for the verified certificate range between $50 USD and $300 USD.

  • Micro Bachelors Programs – from $166 USD/credit.
  • Micro Masters Programs – from $600/course
  • Professional Certificate – from $500/course
  • Online Masters Degree – $9,920 USD to $25,200/ degree

Final Verdict

In today’s modern and tech-savvy world, even for the completion of simple tasks, we are dependent on the internet & technology. With no technical expertise, anyone can use online learning portals or platforms. It has made lives easier for the student community, organizational employee, any individual willing to learn. We have seen the advantages of online learning platforms are far more than its disadvantage.

To summarize, we have seen the best top 5 online learning platform for the year 2022. Basically, if you are looking for a free online learning platform, you can go for Khan Academy. On other hand, you can go for Udemy for paid education without any accreditation. If you want an online learning platform for higher education, then edX and Coursera is the best. At last, if you want to enhance your skill or want to learn new skills go for Skillshare.

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