Best Tech News Sites and Blogs (2020) [Top 10]

Unquestionably, nowadays you have to keep in touch with the best tech news sites and blogs to keep updated with the latest technologies and gadgets. So, to keep you in a breast to what’s going on in technology from cars that drive themselves to the latest gadgets of the newest tablet that out there. The latest technology, new gadgets and reviews are the most discussed things among people.

There are millions of websites about technology, technological blog (techie blog) and blog on tech in the world that provide tech information, news, reviews, etc. Out of these million tech news sites and blogs which one is useful to us is difficult to find. So, to help you in keeping updated and to funnel down your search we at DAILY WEBLIFE have curated a list of Best Tech Sites and Blog for the year 2020 around the globe.

Tech Sites and Blog Statistics

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Best Top 10 Tech News Sites and Blog (2020)

1. TechCrunch


TechCrunch Basic Info

Alexa Rank:1596Since: July 11, 2005
Owner: AOL Website:
Facebook Fans: 2.9M Twitter Followers: 10.1M

TechCrunch one of the best tech news websites. It mainly reports on business-related technology, tech news, analysis of emerging tech trends and discussion of new tech business and products. This tech news sites provide news on top tech brands such as Apple, Google, Twitter, Intel, etc. It has been since 2005 and It’s leading technology media in the world.

TechCrunch website has many sections such as Apps, Gadgets, Video, Audio, etc that mainly focus on tech news. You can get their newsletter in your email. Especially on topics like “The Daily Crunch”, “Week in Review”, “Startup Weekly”, “Events Updates” etc.

Apart from all the sections, I found a section to my liking that is the “Event Section”. In this section, you can ticket to a tech-related event or become a sponsor of the event. The “Gift Guide Section is innovating and informational. Particularly it provides all tech-related products for different occasions and professionals such as photography, frequent flyers, video creator, privacy-related product, etc. One of the top highlights of TechCrunch is Crunchbase.

What is Crunchbase?

Crunchbase is a platform for finding business information about public and private companies around the globe especially startup ventures. It is a tech website for discovering the industry trends, investments, funding information, founding members and individuals in top position. Further, it provides information on mergers and acquisitions. In reality, it provides news about thousands of public and private companies globally.

The source of Crunchbase data gathering is its venture program, machine learning, in-house data team, and the Crunchbase community members. To begin with, a startup to Fortune 500, Crunchbase provides a business information platform that pairs powerful tools and applications for staying successful and competitive. It can be used to build your brand and protect it.

2. Mashable


Mashable Basic Info

Alexa Rank:813Since: July 19, 2005
Owner: Ziff DavisWebsite:
Facebook Fans: 7.4 MTwitter Followers: 9.8 M

Mashable is one of the best technological blog or techie blog with nearly 7.4 M Facebook fans and 9.8 M Twitter followers. It also becomes one of the most engaged online tech news communities.

Basically, Mashable was started by Pete Cashmore as a simple WordPress blog. Subsequently, it became famous quickly, with Times Magazine listing it as one of the 25 best blogs in the year 2009. Later, in December 2017 this blog on tech was bought by Ziff Davis.

Mashable is the leading tech news website for the internet-connected generation. Firstly, it provides news and information with a focus on technology, web culture and social media. Secondly, it shows the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the globe. Thirdly, it has pure content on what’s going on in new technology the next generation in gadgets. Finally, this blog on tech also provides news on movies, OTT Platform, actors, upcoming movies, entertainment apps like OTT Apps, video streaming apps, etc in the “Entertainment Section”.

Above all, Mashable has 9 different versions of its website for different countries. To list the versions – Mashable International, Mashable Australia, Mashable Benelux, Mashable India, Mashable Italy, Mashable Middle East, Mashable Pakistan, Mashable SE Asia and Mashable UK. Accordingly, the different versions load based on the user’s geographic location.

Above all, the Mashable tech news site has a large community base that feeds all kinds of tech articles and is real big on social media. Firstly, it provides tech information related to business, Apps, Gadgets, Mobiles, Smart Home. Secondly, the community members provide product reviews, How-To and Product Choice “Mashable Choice”. Finally, apart from Tech News they provide good content on topics like Entertainment, Culture, Science and Social Good.

3. TechRader


TechRader Hardware Basic Info

Alexa Rank:690Since: 2008
Owner: Future PicWebsite:
Facebook Fans: 595 KTwitter Followers: 210.1 K

TechRadar is a technology website primarily focussed on in-depth gadget reviews, tech news and how-to section. Apart from gadget reviews, it has in a detailed review of Phones, TVs, Laptops, Cameras, etc.

TechRader has 19 editions of its website for different countries with editorial teams in the US, UK, Australia, and India. It provides news and reviews according to the user’s geographic location.

This website provides information with gadget news, previews, comprehensive reviews and much more. The main theme of the website is to help the user make informed decisions on tech-related products. It contains a section for Phones, TVs, Laptops, etc buying advice. In the “Deals” section you can find the best deal going on for greatest tech products across the globe so that the user can always get the cheapest prices. The “Reviews” section contains a review of a wide range of tech products from phones to wearables. Apart from these “How To” section contains tips and tricks to help the user get more from their tech and gadgets.

TechRader has created a new section called “TechRader Pro” focusing solely on IT insight for the business. This website is not just gaining as much information as you can about technology. But it covers all kinds of gadgets, car stuff, and kind of google products. There are true reviews on TechRadar.

4. Digital Trends

digital trends

Digital Trends Basic Info

Alexa Rank: 1023Since:June 2006
Owner: DesigntechnicaWebsite:
Facebook Fans: 1.8 MTwitter Followers: 2.2 M

Digital Trends is not only a tech website but also a lifestyle and information website that publishes news, guides, product reviews, how-to-articles, descriptive videos and podcasts about the latest technology and consumer electronics products.

Basically, this technology website was founded by Ian Bell and Dan Gaul as a blog about tech. It saw a spike in popularity in recent years, especially reaching over 24M unique users globally. Apart from English version of this tech news site it also has Spanish version.

Firstly, this tech website offers reviews and information on a large variety of products that have been shaped by technology in consumer electronics such as phones, video games, and systems, laptops, PCs and accessories, television. Home theatre systems, digital cameras, video cameras, tablets and much more. Secondly, it helps the user to keep updated on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, product review, insightful editorials and provide sneak peeks on upcoming technology. It has a little slogan to upgrade your lifestyle. Thirdly, they have a lot of breaking news on mobile devices, computer devices, computer gaming, lifestyle products, theatre, real big on apple stuff and some android stuff but digital trends have a lot of information.

Digital Trends tech news site has great user-friendly design ensuring it has sections that are easy to access, understand and use. There are clarity and consistency between different sections. If you want to buy any products there is a lot of different sections like “Best Products”, “Buying Guide” and “Deals”. In the Best Products section, you will find a list of best products ranging from a wide variety of products from laptops to consumer products like washing machines, fridge, etc. You will also find a detailed review link on each device listed. The “Verus” tab of Best Product you will find a detailed comparison between two tech products. In the News section, you will find the latest news on each category of product.



CNET Basic Info

Alexa Rank: 154Since: March 5, 1994
Owner: Viacomm CBSWebsite:
Facebook Fans: 3.3 MTwitter Followers: 1.7 M

CNET is the highest read tech news sites and blog on the Web, with over 200 million readers per month and it is one of the top tech websites huge Facebook fan pages. This blog on tech tells you trending and new in tech, science and culture, why and how it matters and works.

Formerly Known as Computer Network, it is an America website that provides reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos on technology and consumer electronics. CNet has a region-specific and language-specific version of their website such as China, Japan, France, Germany, Korea ad Spanish.

Firstly, it contains the latest tech news and trading topics on tech. Secondly, it contains a section from culture and science, why it matters, how tech works and why it is important for you. You can depend on the CNET website for tech news, analysis, features, FAQs, advice, hands-on reviews, buying guides, photography and fun, and informative videos.

Cnet website contains many sections ranging from News to Reviews and Gift Guide to How To but mentionable sections are “Reviews”, “News”,” How To” and “Video”. The reviews section of the site is the largest part of the site and generated more than 5000 products and software reviews per year.

This tech website also features Editors’ Choice Awards which recognize tech products that are innovative and of the best quality. The News section of the website publishes news dedicated to technology and the content are great and created by both CNET and external media agencies as new articles and blogs. The How-To section provides a learning area for users on technology tutorials, guides, and tips. The video section provides videos on reviews, “first-looks” etc. CNET LIVE provides live video reviews, product showcase, Top %, etc.

6.The Next Web

the next web

The Next Web Basic Info

Alexa Rank: 4526Since: June 10, 2008
Owner: Financial TimesWebsite:
Facebook Fans: 1 MTwitter Followers: 1.7 M

The Next Web is one of the most loved and popular tech news sites for the Tech Generation (Generation T). It mainly focuses on new technology and start-up companies and the theme of the website is “The heart of tech”.With more than 10 million monthly visits the tech website provides the latest news on software, games, web services, gadget just launched in the market, etc.

The Next Web tech sites was started in 2006 by Boris and Patrick. Basically, this website for tech started as a blog on tech to promote the founder’s showcase conference on their startup.

Specifically, this technology website was started to bring insight, news, etc to the world of technology. But as of now, it has major four pillars on which stands.

Undoubtedly, the website design is great with neatly arranged sections like Apps, Gear, Tech, Insight, Creative, etc. The latest tab contains news, articles, science stuff, etc neatly written and arranged. To point out the “Hard Work” section contains articles and news on Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and insider stores by the next web staff. You can also find the latest gadgets, accessories, equipment in the “Plugged” section of the website and if you are looking for upcoming technology and new theories related to tech-head up to their “Fundamentals” section. All the users who are interested in AI, Robotics, 3-D Printing, holography can stick to the “Work 2030” section.

7. ARS Technica

ars tech

ARS Technica Basic Info

Alexa Rank: 1779Since: December 30, 1988
Owner: Conde Nast Website:
Facebook Fans: 379 K Twitter Followers: 1.1 M

Ars Technica also known as Ars Tech is one of the most popular tech news sites. It has been around since 1998 and still one of the top sites for reliable tech news. In addition to covering the news for average consumers, in ars tech, you will find insightful articles, editorials, and analysis for technology enthusiasts and IT professionals covering a wide range of topics including security and privacy and business news regarding technology companies. You will find news related to IT in their “Biz & IT” Section, if you want product news & reviews you can find in their “Tech” section. It is also a great site for IT-related policy of Government agency and big It firms and you can find it in their “policy section”. For Automobile enthusiasts, there is a section “Cars” where you will get the latest IT related information for cars, motorbikes, etc.

 If you want to interact with other readers, the ARS technical forums are a great place to discuss hardware and software operating systems and its slew of other topics.

8. Engadget


Engadget Basic Info

Alexa Rank: 921Since: March 2004
Owner: Verizon MediaWebsite:
Facebook Fans: 1.6 M Twitter Followers: 2.4M

Engadget tech news sites one of the multilingual tech websites that provides its users a daily coverage of gadgets and consumer electronics. This technological blog or techie blog for the tech freaks out there it has so much content, podcast, product reviews, shows think of seeing that net cooler all right what how technology is moving and happening, product information, product reviews.

Engadget operates 10 multilingual blogs spanning seven different languages ranging from English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Korean, etc. There are four English blogs – Engadget Classic, Engadget Mobile, Engadget HD, and Engadget Alt.

Engadget has podcast services also that provide top tech news in audio form for busy tech enthusiasts who have little time for reading blogs. You can find the podcast in the “Audio” section of their website and also you can subscribe to their post on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music, and iHeart Radio. The podcast’s discussion is technology-related and closely linked gadgets and tech events that have happened during the week in the world of technology.

Engadget Review section provides great reviews mostly of tech-related gadgets. Game enthusiasts will find a lot of gaming gadgets and news in the Engadget “Gaming” section. The “Tomorrow” section is appealing and informational which provides news and information on upcoming technology, science-related, robotics, etc. The Buyers Guide and Deals section provide the best tech deals and unbiased buyers product reviews.

9. Tom’s Hardware

toms hardware

Tom’s Hardware Basic Info

Alexa Rank: 1482Since: April 1996
Owner: Purch(Future)Website:
Facebook Fans: 289 KTwitter Followers: 93.6 K

Tom’s Hardware is the most popular tech websites on computer hardware and also a tech news site on trending and future technology. It provides news, articles, benchmarks, unbiased reviews and community on computer hardware and latest technology. for PC enthusiasts worldwide.

It is one of the most popular tech news sites that has been more than a couple of decades. They provide news, reviews and price comparison of computer hardware. Their comprehensive buyer’s guide is very useful when building or upgrading a PC with tips and advice to help ensure that you are getting the best hardware for your computer.

The review section of this tech website provides an in-depth review of most of the hardware for a computer. It provides detailed specifications of every nit and bit of the hardware the product uses, comparison with other similar products, close-up photos and links to buy the product. If you are confused with which hardware to pick, just go to their “Best Pick” section it contains almost all the hardware a computer should have ranging from CPU to VR Headsets. The top picks hardware is tested and compared with each other for your reference. If you are new to the computer, this tech website is the best, it contains all the information in easy and fluid language.

Tom’s Hardware also has one of the best forums with an active community of more than 2.5 M members where you can discuss the latest in computer hardware, networking, and software.



Wired Basic Info

Alexa Rank: 1294Since:
Owner: Conde Nast publications Website:
Facebook Fans: 3 MTwitter Followers: 10.3 M

Wired is one of the top tech news sites and blogs to have huge twitter followers. It covers the pulse of the tech industry and focuses on how emerging technologies affect human culture, politics, security, transport, and economics.

It provides various sections ranging from business to security. You can view product reviews on accessories, automotive, cameras, computers, gaming, home, outdoor equipment, etc in this section. The most important section is the “Security” section which has good articles on safety, privacy, scams, etc that is everything related to technology-related security articles. Finally, the Wired tech news sites also have a dedicated section on Automobiles and Photography that showcases the latest news, videos, how-to, articles on these topics linked with technology.

The wired website has got a retro look that is unique but with all the latest tech information. It provides various sections ranging from business to security. Firstly, the business section of this tech news sites contains information and the latest news about the tech industry. Secondly, if you want to know the latest culture linked with technology, science, etc you can head up to the culture section of the Wired website. Thirdly, the Gear section contains all about the PC, Laptop & accessories, gadgets, electronic equipment, etc. Fourthly, the “Ideas” section contains stuff related to upcoming technology and sneak peek to the upcoming technology

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