5 Best Math Apps For Kids: Detailed Review

Math is one of the most essential subjects for your kids. It will build their analytical and reasoning skills. But math is not easy to teach your kids. Even harder to make it fun and interesting. So, to solve this problem, I have come up with the best math apps for kids.

I have curated the top 5 best math apps for kids. Khan Academy Kids is the best math apps for kids as of now. Kids Math App and Math Kids come next. If you are willing to pay a subscription fee you can opt for SplashLearn and Prodigy Math Game.

Why is math important for kids?

Talking about the importance of math for kids will not be enough to be covered in a single post. But I can give you some brief and precise points on this topic.

  • Maths is a way of life. It will train your kids to solve real life problems.
  • It will make your kids to think creatively
  • Critical and Analytical thinking will be enchances in your kids.
  • Maths acts as a door to understand other subject like science, finance, coding, etc
  • Maths is the basic building block of your child education.

How to make math interesting for kids?

As you have already seen in the previous section, math is very important for kids. But making math fun, easy and interesting is very difficult. There are few methods to make math interesting for kids.

To list, some methods are.

  • Math Apps for kids
  • Real life examples.
  • Engaging in all day activities related to maths.
  • Make the basics of maths strong for kids.

What features should the best math apps for kids have?

To make math fun, easy and interesting, one of the best solutions is to use the best math apps for kids. But, do all the math apps out there are good for kids? And what features should they have?

Any math app for kids should make math fun, easy and interesting for kids. It should bring the math classroom to your home. So that your children can learn at home.

Using a math app you can restrict your child to minimize their screen time for educational purposes only. But too much screen time is harmful to your child. You can know from this article How much screen time is too much for a child?

Features of Math App

There are some essential features best math apps for kids should have. To list, they are.

  • Gamification- solving math problems through games.
  • The math app should provide a unique experience for your kids to learn from home.
  • It should contain interactive features with minimal distraction. It should not contain ads.
  • The best math app for kids should contain interactive animation with learning. It will help your kids to understand better along with entertainment.
  • It should contain real life examples. It will help your kids to learn better.
  • It also should work both in online and offline mode.

#1.  Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is one of the best math apps for kids as of now. It not only contains math but contains other subjects for your kids.

This app will inspire your kids to become learners for life. This app has all the Khan Academy original content and curriculum for your child.

It is different from other math apps for kids out there. Other math apps focus on narrow skills for your kids. But Khan academy kids contain all learning materials. It covers topics from subject like math, language arts and social-emotional learning.

Basic Info of Khan Academy Kids

Age: 2 years and abovePrice:  Free
App Link: Android | iOS | AmazonRating: 4.7/ 5.0

Features of Khan Academy Kids

  • All the math activities in Khan Academy kids are aligned with  Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and Common Core Standards.
  • Inbuilt parental control in the app
  • Adaptive learning methods are used in the app. This enables your kid to learn at their own pace.
  • This app has highly interactive math games and activities
  • 5 animated characters are used in the app to encourage children to think and learn.

Math Topics covered in Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids covers various Maths topics. To list, they are

  • Counting
  • Numbers
  • Quantities
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Shapes
  • Measuring
  • Ordering
  • Patterns
  • Telling time
  • Number lines
  • Ten frames and more

Platform supported by Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is vaialable for all the platforms out there. To, list some popular ones are.

User Interface of Khan Academy Kids App

After installing Khan Academy Kids App, you have to compulsory sign in or sign up in the app. After that, you will be asked to enter your kid’s name, age and choose an avatar.

You can create a different Profile for each of your kids. The app has two sections

  • Top Menu – Library and Child Profile
  • Game Section- . 

The top menu has two buttons. Library and child profile buttons. You get the option to mute the background music. From the library, you can choose math subjects for your kids.

Customer Support of Khan Academy Kids

Email Support [email protected]

Pros of Khan Academy Kids

  • This best math app for kids was developed by experts at Stanford Graduate School of Education.
  • It contains almost all the subjects beside maths
  • New lessons are added frequently.
  • It contains no ads.
  • It is free and accessible to everyone.
  • This math app for kids uses adaptive learning methods. This enables your kid to learn at their own pace.

Cons of Khan Academy Kids

  • Some users complained that this app crashed while they were using it.
  • Many complained that there is a sign in issue with this app.
  • It focuses on only one teaching style. Your kids is restricted to follow what the video in the app teaches you.

#2.  Kids Math App: New ways of learning calculations.

Kids Math App

Kids Math App by Systweak is a free math app that teaches your kids to do basic mathematical operations. It is for your children studying from grade 1 to 8. 

This best math app for kids has an interactive user interface. Your kids can learn elementary math while they play. It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operation.

Basic Info of Kids Math App

Age: 6 – 13 years (Grade 1 to 8)Price: Free
App Link: Android Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

Features of Kids Math App

  • It teaches your kids basic mathematical operation (+,-, x and ÷) in fun and engaging manner.
  • Real time medal report is given to your kids
  • Your kids will get medals for clearing each level successfully.
  • This app has background music to attract kids.
  • You can apply different themes in this best math app for kids. Like Halloween, Angry Birds, Christmas, etc

Platform supported by Kids Math App

As of now, the Kids Math App from Systweak only supports Android mobile phones.

User Interface of Kids Math App

After installing the Kids Math App by Systweak, you will buy my profile screen. Here you have to mention your kid’s name, school, class, etc. You can skip this step also.

After filling in my profile section, the main app screen will be shown. It has basically 3 sections.

  • Top Menu
  • Math Section
  • Medal Won Section

The top menu contains my profile, themes, sound on/off butyon, and settings button. The math section displays the four basic math operations. The last section shows the number of medals won.

Benefit of using Kids Math App

  • You kids learn math problems in a limited time.
  • They will learn time management.
  • The app is made to be kid-friendly.
  • THis best math app for kids will enhance motor skills and concentration for your kids.

Customer Support of Kids Math App

Email- [email protected]

Website Customer Support-  Click Here

Pros of Kids Math App

  • Gamification is applied in this app by providing medals to kids.
  • All basic mathematical operation for your kids is available
  • Very nice and interactive user interface for kids
  • It has different theme like Halloween, New Year, Angry Birds, etc

Cons of Kids Math App

  • The background is distracting for kids. But you have the option to turn it off.
math kids math app

#3. Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn

Math Kids is a free math app for kids. It is designed to teach young children numbers and mathematics. It has several mini-games that your kids will love to play. 

This best math app for ki will help your kids to start training with addition and subtraction puzzles. Your kids will have a great time completing games and earn stickers.

Basic Info of Math Kids

Age:  2- 8 yearsPrice: Free
App Link:  Android | iOS| MicrosoftRating: 4.3/ 5.0

Features of Math Kids

  • Math Kids has many puzzles that teach your child to play.
  • Parental controls is built in the app itself
  • You can monitor and manage your child’s progress
  • You can increase or decrease the difficulty level in this app.
  • Along with addition and subtraction, it has sorting games and logical skills games.

Platform supported by Math Kids

This best math apps for kids support almost all platforms out there. To list, the platforms are.

User Interface of Math Kids

On opening the Math Kids app you will be greeted by two animated characters, Lucas and Ruby. The app screen provides you 10 types of math categories to choose from.

On choosing any math topics, math problems based on that topics will be shown to your kids. On completing each level, your kids will earn rewards and appreciation from the animated character.

After finish a certain level, your kids can collect stickers and gifts. From setting tabs you can choose level for your kids to learn, add child profiles, generate reports, etc.

Math Topics covered in Math Kids

Math Kids features many math problems and puzzles. To list, they are.

  • Counting objects
  • Comparing numbers
  • Adding Puzzle, Fun and Quiz
  • Subtracting Puzzle, Fun and Quiz
  • Adding and Straction Practice

Customer Support of Math Kids

Website Contact Page

Pros of Math Kids

  • This app is a full version with no ads.
  • Covers many topics of basic math for your kids
  • You can monitor your kids progress in this math app.

Cons of Math Kids

  • Only one type of gameplay is used in this math app for kids
  • The accent of english voice used in the game is not upto mark.

# 4. SplashLearn 

SplashLearn best math apps for kids

SplashLearn is one of the most popular math apps for kids. 40M+ learners in more than 150 countries useSplashLearn. Moreover, 1 out of every 3 schools in the US uses SplashLearn.

The math problem in SplashLearn is presented in a very fun and interactive manner. It will motivate your child.

Basic Info of SplashLearn

Age: 2-11 yearsPrice: Free | Paid
App Link: Web | Android | iOSRating: 4.2 / 5.0

Features of SplashLearn

  • SplashLearn has over 2K math games and contents.
  • Child based curated lessons are provided everyday.
  • Different math activities for each grade.
  • This app is kids friendly and safe
  • Engaging games to interactive playsets are available
  • Daily progress report is available for teachers and parents
  • Teachers can provide assignment to students in this app.

Platform supported bySplashLearn

Price of SplashLearn

As of now, SplashLearn is free for teachers and schools. For parents, it provides an in-app purchase where you use all its contents. 

You can add up to 3 children in a single SplashLearn account. However, there is additional pricing for each additional child you add on SplashLearn.

The pricing is listed below.

Math + Reading
Plans1 childUpto 3 child
Plans1 childUpto 3 child

Math Topics covered in Khan Academy Kids

  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Time and Money
  • Place Value and Number Sequence
  • Measurement and Data
  • Geometry

Customer Support of SplashLearn

Email Support – [email protected]

Pros of SplashLearn

  • SplashLearn provided progress reports for both parents and teachers.
  • Teachers can provide assignment and practice content to individual students or to an entire class, and can monitor assignments’ completion.
  • You as a parent can follow your kids’ progress and monitor their results.

Cons of SplashLearn

  • All conts are not free
  • There are some content missing from regular classroom curriculum
  • Many customers complained of refunds and subscription problem.

#5.  Prodigy Math Game 

prodigy math game

Prodigy is not only a math game app for kids but an entire ecosystem of math learning. It provides math tutoring, games and online classrooms.

Prodigy features 50K math questions ranging from Grade 1- 8. Your kids will be able to learn new math skills. The free version gives access to the in-game curriculum-aligned content. But if you want a higher level you have to buy one.

This best math apps for kids provide a unique math learning experience through interactive math games. Your kids will earn a reward after a level. Moreover, it is a multiplayer math app where your kid can play with their friend.

Basic Info of Prodigy Math Game

Age: 6-13 years (Grade 1 to Grade 8)Price: Free | Paid
App Link: Web | Android | iOSRating: 4.2 / 5.0

Features of Prodigy Math Game

  • Adaptive based math learning
  • This math app provides problems based on your kids’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • The math problems and questions are aligned state level curriculum 
  • Prodigy provides 1.4K available skills for your kids to learn more
  • Monitoring dashboard for parents and teachers
  • Teachers can provide assignments to individual kids or the whole classroom.

Platform supported by Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy math games have both web and mobile versions. They are listed below.

User Interface of Prodigy Math Game

On installing Prodigy Math Game, you will be asked first to sign up. You can sign up with your clever account or Google account or any email account. Then, you will be asked to choose an account type- Student, Teacher or Parent.

Prodigy math game provides 3 options to play games. To list, they are

  • 1st is Play at School 
  • 2nd one is Play at Home
  • and last one is Play Offline.

Price of Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy offers premium membership. It has monthly, half-yearly and yearly plans. A single membership is for a single kid of yours. 

PlansPriceMonthly Price
Half-Yearly$ 47.70$7.95/month

You will get a discount of 25% if you buy a membership for more than one child.

Customer Support of Prodigy Math Game

Support Ticket – Click Here

Pros of Prodigy Math Game

  • Adaptive learning’ method is applied this app
  • Prodigy Math Game provides 1.4K  mathematical skills and problems
  • It has Common Core and TEKS based curriculum.
  • It provides monitoring dashboard for parents and teachers.

Cons of Prodigy Math Game

  • Prodigy membership is expensive as compared to others.
  • Many users complained about the graphics of the game.

Other Best Math Apps for Kids

  • Dragon Box
  • Buzzmath
  • Rocket Math


Summing up, you have seen that most of the best math apps for kids contain all the features. Khan Academy Kids, Kids Math App and Math Kids are is the best free math apps for kids. SplashLearn and Prodigy Math Game has free as well as paid versions.

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